Cobweb covered in dew during heavy fog

The GREENERNET project will develop a new highly innovative Organic Redox Flow Battery, integrated in an optimized microgrid infrastructure operated by an intelligent Energy Management System.
The redox flow battery is a promising technology for both medium and large-scale renewable and grid energy storage, but is limited by its high price, low energy density and poor stability of the electrolyte solutions (e.g. vanadium, zinc).

Starting from an internally developed prototype of an Energy Storage System (ESS) of 1kW based on new organic AQDS (anthraquinone di-sulphonate), the Consortium will enhance and scale up this prototype flow battery into an innovative cheap (< €150 / kWh) and safe 10 kW ESS, integrated in a smart microgrid for distributed energy applications, with a significant improvement over the existing technology.