Green futuristic city living concept.


Greenernet Project is focusing on the distributed  storage and renewables integration for residential and communities’ microgrids that represent a large market in Europe.

The specific objective of the overall innovation project  is twofold:

  1. Develop and commercialize a storage system module of 10 kW power, 40 kWh capacity starting from a technology demonstrated in relevant environment battery prototype of 1kW/1kWh. The new battery is based on a breakthrough technology, originally developed by Harvard University that relies on the electrochemistry of naturally abundant, inexpensive,  small organic (carbon-based) molecules called quinones, which are similar to molecules that store energy in plants and animals.
  1. Develop an innovative Microgrid Management Platform for the AQDS flow battery, able to monitor microgrid components (loads, energy sources, storage) and to continuously performing a multi-objective optimisation of the energy flows among them and  with the Power Distribution Grid whose requests will be taken into account by dynamically adhering to Demand Response programs.