Aarhus University is a public university founded and located in Aarhus, Denmark in 1928 with a total of 43,600 enrolled students in 2012. Aarhus University has high aspirations, with three Nobel laureates and international rankings in the range from 50 to 100 places it in the international elite. The Department of Engineering (http://eng.au.dk/en/) at Aarhus University is scientifically well-founded and has strong ties to the Departments of Chemistry, Molecular Biology and is an active member of the Interdisciplinary Nano Science Center. The Dept. of Engineering has 150 scientific staff members and about 1500 students. The Department of Engineering is in particular devoted to being part solving the global grand challenges.

Greenernet Project / Main Roles

Aarhus’ role is to build up a 10 kW test bench for characterisation and validation of stack properties. The test bench will be instrumented with sensors for measurement of stack integrity and state of the electrolyte.