ENGINEERING  ( is a global player and Italy’s largest system integration group.

The company was founded in 1980, and it is currently the first IT group in Italy, among the top 10 IT groups in Europe, with over 7.000 employees and 40 branch offices in Italy, Belgium, Latin America and USA.

The group produces IT innovation to more than 1.000 large clients, with a complete offer combining system and business integration, outsourcing, cloud services, consulting, and proprietary solutions. Engineering Data Centres offer business continuity and IT infrastructure management to about 15.000 servers and 230.000 workstations. In 2012, consolidated revenues are 770 millions of euro, with a share of 7% of domestic market, and 12% of annual turnover resulting from overseas activities. Engineering operates through 7 different business units: Finance, Central Government, Local Government and Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Industry and Telecoms, delivering innovative IT solutions to main vertical markets: Aerospace, Insurance, Automotive, Banks, Consumer Products, Defence and Aerospace, Energy & Utilities, Training, Central & Local Government, Homeland Security, Life Science, Manufacturing, Media, International Organisation, Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transports, Welfare. To its customers, ENG also offers a commercial cloud infrastructure, CLOE, and hosting services in its 6 data centres. Since 1987, Engineering innovation capability is supported by its Central Unit of Research & Development, with around 250 researchers currently involved in over 50 research projects co-funded by national and international authorities. The R&D Unit is located across 6 different locations in Italy and in Europe, with a shared investment of 30 million of euros for the year 2013.

Engineering holds different responsibilities within the international research community, including technical and overall coordination of large research projects and consortia. In particular, the company is core partner of EIT ICT Labs in Italy (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) focused on leveraging ICT for Quality of Life; founding partner of the Future Internet PPP initiative; member of the Board of EOS (European Organisation for Security); core partner of NESSI (Networked European Software and Service Initiative).

Engineering is an active member of most international open source communities and founder of SpagoWorld, a free/open source initiative managed by Engineering. The company is corporate member of OW2 Consortium and Eclipse Foundation. Engineering is a very active player in the ICT for Energy Efficiency domain. In particular the Utilities Unit is the strategic technology provider for the largest energy distribution companies in Italy (ENEL, HERA, IREN).

Since 1987, current and past research initiatives have been carried out at European level, most recently within the 6th and 7th EC Framework Programme IST, eTen, eContent and PSP ICT. As it will be better described in the “Relevant projects” section, some ongoing European research initiatives, like GEYSER, INGRID, and INERTIA, prove how ENG has skills to significantly contribute to this project. The team involved in the activities of the project will bring in the project the knowledge and some assets related to Energy Efficiency, Energy Management Systems, Energy Consumption Awareness, Energy and Ancillary Services Marketplace, Demand Response management, novel human-machine interfaces and interaction protocols, Stream Data Analytics and Complex-event processing.

Greenernet Project / Main Roles

Engineering will  develop an optimised energy management platform able to monitor and control a

residential/campus microgrid. The GREENERNET microgrid will consist of loads, flow battery storage and

generators, such as PV plants, wind turbins or CHPs. So the energy management platform will interface all the

mentioned devices by implementing required communication protocols and will continuously manage the power

flows among devices by performing a multi-objective optimisation.