Green Energy Storage ( is a new company founded in March 2015 with the objective to develop and market a new type of flow battery.

Green Energy Storage has been created by a visionary team of business and industry leaders, scientists and engineers passionate about energy technologies and innovation. GES started its adventure thinking about a clean and green world where energy is available, renewable, safe and affordable for everyone.

A breakthrough product targeting lower costs, longer life cycle, use of renewable organic materials and high safety level.

The entrepreneurs who created Green Energy Storage have a multi year experience as leaders of important international companies in the areas of ICT and Energy, with a successful track record of major achievements.



Greenernet Project / Main Roles

GREEN ENERGY STORAGE is the coordinator of the action and it will be leading:

  • project management (WP1) and dissemination and exploitation activities (WP6).
  • The definition of battery requirements to scale up the 1 kW prototype to the 10-kW battery,
  • Support the development of an innovative Microgrid Management Platform, able to interface and monitor the included microgrids components.