In line with the marketing plan and with a future marketing for developing and commercialize RFB storage systems,all the partners organized a set of a  keys knowledge and information-sharing events focused on the GreenerNet project in order to promulgate the relevance of the energy storage systems for a future transition towards a decarbonized and eco-sustainable economy. 

All the public events were focused on the energy storage topics, in particular one of these events has been carried out in Brussel, within an international context and based on the subject of the smart energy grids and systems.

Following the GreenerNet promulgation program and information, an additional event has been organized to make an important contribution in defining a common European agenda for the development of stationary batteries.

Specifically, this project has been promoted to the “EU Batteries Alliance”, where GES actively took part  during January 2018 by providing its input on the subject of the Flow Batteries technology systems.

GreenerNet’s partners were active to promote, within the scientific community, all the results and research activities within the project, most of them were internationally involved during scientific conferences related to the energy storage systems and renewable energy sources.

In particular, partners as Tor Vergata University, ENG and EVOPRO released a scientific article which have been submitted for a pubblication, this article is titled as:

Innovative redox flow battery systems for the implementation of flexible microgrids”, which represents one of the most important scientific output related with the GreenerNet project.

Information on the project be made available through the brochure that  has been designed to convey in a clear and effective way the key information on GreenerNet.

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Greenernet leaflet